Kajak in den Gorges du Verdon

Nur im Frühling lassen wir Sie an Bord gehen, um das wilde Tal des Haut Verdon zu entdecken. Dieser Fluss mit seinem kristallklaren Wasser gehört für ein paar Stunden nur Ihnen. 

Im Kajak ist es eine sportliche Strecke, für die Sie eine gute Kondition brauchen, aber die Belohnung ist groß. Sensationen und Abwechslung sind garantiert!


In spring the snow in the ski resorts of La Foux d'Allos and Le Seignus melts into the Verdon, making leisure activities such as rafting and canoeing possible on the Upper Verdon. This requires a trip to the south of France in the Alpes de Haute Provence. We are here in the first Gorges du Verdon on the edge of the Mercantour Park. The tourism that travels here is mainly in emulsion in winter with a monumental ski resort connected to the one of Pra-Loup, which makes it the largest winter leisure park in the Provence Alpes Côte d'Azur region. From April onwards, water sports on the Verdon, such as rafting and canoe-rafting, start up again. It is then possible to sail for a day from the village of Allos to the lake of Castillon in Saint-André les Alpes. According to the reviews, the water of the Verdon which descends from the Val d'Allos is of an incredible purity until the Basses Gorges du Verdon downstream of the Lake of Sainte-Croix after having also crossed the medieval city of Castellane. This discovery trip is accessible to all canoe-kayak enthusiasts. Families with young children will choose rafting to feel safer near the guide. Our prices are adapted to each student, and we can recommend you some very good campsite rentals. The season is short for white water sports, from June onwards there are only the water activities of canyoning, sup with paddle for hire on the lake or gliding which are possible. Otherwise, to prolong the pleasure, there is the Ubaye Valley, just behind the mountain, which is an ideal place for a more sportive water leisure, you can reach it by day or with a night in a campsite by 2 routes via Colmars or the road to Seyne.