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Kayak sur l'Ubaye
30 August 2023
Magnificent kayak descent on the Ubaye in the Alpes de Haute Provence

Another magnificent day of kayaking on the Ubaye.

Rather than rafting, why not try kayaking down the Ubaye river.

16 March 2022
The hidden world

The incredible underwater world of the river is fascinating to observe.

le rafting sur l'Ubaye en famille
16 March 2022
Impressionism in the River

If you pay attention, you can see all sorts of shapes in the landscape and rocks when you go down the river.

Descente en Ubaye avec Aquarider
Aquarider ?

Aqua'Rider is a small itinerant structure made up of passionate people. Conviviality, professionalism, humour and originality are the key words.
Choose the boat of your choice: rafting, canoeing, hydrospeed and let's go to discover unsuspected landscapes in the Southern Alps.

Equipped with top-of-the-range equipment and accompanied by a qualified guide, you are ready for the adventure!

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